Rules and conditions for the good progress of the event and for the safety of participants


  1. Safety rules for contestants

    1. By signing into the competition on his own risk, the contestant gives up on any right of requesting compensation or of resorting to court against any person involved in the organization of this competition, the partners or the sponsors of the event for possible material damages or accidents.

    2. All of the contestants need to sign “The Liability Waver” to be able to participate in the races.

    3. The contestants need to take responsibility for their physical and mental capacity to compete.

    4. It is recommended that all the contestants are covered with an insurance for sport practitioners.

    5. The contestants will get familiar to the track and its difficulty level before going on the first run.

    6. The contestants need to compete only by using the natural speed and their abilities, through individual effort, in accordance with the rules and the fair play principles of sport.

    7. When involved into a serious accident, the contestants won’t depart from the venue without leaving their name or address, if it’s possible in a reasonable way.

    8. The contestants won’t embark or debark from the cable car only in the specially arranged and design areas.

    9. The contestants will make sure to not destroy, deteriorate estates or objects from the Straja Resort and its surroundings.

    10. The contestants must not be under the influence of alcohol or hallucinogenic substances.

    11. The safety it’s on the first place and the responsibility of each contestant and it needs to be fully watched by each person and each practitioner of the sport.

    12. In case of default at the starting line through abandonment or withdrawal by any reason, the fee won’t be returned. In case a contestant decides to retreat during the competition, he is obligated to announce the closest organizer and he will have to sign on the arbitrary paper. The failure to announce the withdrawal will lead to a search and rescue operation (police, rescue and dispensary crews), and these costs will be covered by the contestant.

      The organizers reserve the rights to stop from competing a contestant in case he got injured after the start and his condition doesn’t allow him to continue the race, or in any other special case.

      The organizer can ban any contestant’s starting in the competition in case he is intoxicated or under the effect of any hallucinogenic substances, substances which weaken exhaust the contestants physical or psychic.

    13. The contestants and the organizers are obliged to make sure that the protection equipment is in good condition and it doesn’t show any risk or limit of protection in case of injury.

    14. All of the contestants should wear full protective equipment, associated to the discipline of choice (ex. Downhill). These include: full face helmet, slide gloves, knee/elbow pads and a full leather suit.

    15. TRANSYLVANIA DOWNHILL reserves the right to announce the delay or the cancellation of the event up to three days before the official date of the event.

    16. The contestants need to get informed early of the contest’s schedule changes. It is exclusively their responsibility to be in touch with any changes or cancellations.


    1. START. The start will be valid only if the first two wheels are positioned before the STARTing line and the START it’s self will be assigned by freeing an elastic thread which sits in front of the contestants.

    2. FINISH LINE. In case the race is tight by the end, that whose wheels touch first the FINISH line will be assigned as winner.

    3. The qualification is the process by which the contest is split in two stages:

        A. Qualification: All the contestants participate in groups of three or four participants, three times and the finalists will be decided by the score obtained.

        B. The finals: Only the contestants who obtained a result good enough will be qualified in the finals.

    4. FLAGS. Green: GO, Red: STOP.

    5. The official results will be announced by the TRANSYLVANIA DOWNHILL organizers.

    6. The disqualification of the contestant will be made in one of these cases:

        - The lack of fair play

        - If he obtains advantage by not respecting the rules or any other condition imposed by the organizers on the official list of rules and conditions

    7. A technical meeting will be held for all the participants in the day of the start. In the course of the technical meeting the participants will be informed on the track, the dangerous zones, the possible changes, as well as the behavior rules that the participants should respect. The technical meeting will be held by the director of the competition and the presence of the participants is mandatory.

    8. The contestants should take part at the technical meeting and listen very carefully the information announced by the organizers.


    1. To assure the information point and sanitary points in the zone of start/finish.

    2. To perform the technical meeting before the starting of the competition.

    3. To announce the deadlines in the technical meeting, precursory to the start.

    4. The organizers are exempted from liability if during the race the “public” damages the markings.

    5. To mark properly the track and the dangerous zones for the competition.

    6. To inform and to help the contestants to cross these zones.

    7. To assure checkpoints for the safe progress of the competition.

    8. To assure the adequate protocol to reward the winners for the first three places of each category.

  4. GEAR

    1. The long board needs to have a stable structure and to present no risk for safety. It shouldn’t have sharp edges, which could bless the contestants. It can have any shape, as long as it fits in the size limits.

    2. The axes need to have a classic structure with kingpin and bushing. These need to be no bigger than 305 millimeters (12 ") width, measured from the border of the front axes. The board needs to use exactly two axes (2).

    3. The wheels can have a diameter of maximum 110 mm (4,33 ")

    4. The bearings- no restriction

    5. No kinds of additional breaks or mechanical breaks are accepted.


    1. The signing up document (online or at the spot) , completed and signed by each participant

    2. Each contestant will sign a statement of participation on his own will before the contest

    3. By signing the inscription statement or by filling the online fields, each participant: declares that he understands and accepts the terms and conditions of taking part in “TRANSYLVANIA DOWNHILL”, as well as the competitive regulations.

    4. He agrees that his image or other public data as the results obtained, rankings, are going to be used in the promotional material of the event, under the form of photos, posters, movies, interviews etc in a free and uncensored way.

    5. The organizer reserves the right to refuse the signing up and the participation in the race of a contestant, from objective reasons.

    6. The proof of payment of the inscription fee

    7. The number of participating (contest) will be raised from the organizer’s counter on the basis of the ID .

    8. The on-line signing-ups will be opened and will be closed on the date provided by the organizer on the event’s website :


    1. The minimum age to take part in the competition is 14 years old. In this case, the participant will have the written agreement from his parents or his guardian in which it is confirmed the fact that the participant is responsible for his actions, accidents or other risks to which he is exposed.

    2. Pregnant women are not allowed to take part nor in the competition, neither in the qualifications or in the areas of freeride.