DEVAstation Longboard Crew


DEVAstation Longboard Crew was founded in 2015 by Adrian Lupascu and Mihai Ormenisan mainly for promoting the safety and the sport itself, to increase the number of skaters in the romanian scene and organising events with the purpose of bonding a national community in Romania where everybody can skate and progress in safe conditions. Since, the team has become a big family with members from Romania and Europe.



At the end of 2015, we started to think and plan an event for the national community where initially we had a total different track and event type in mind, until one of our friends was at snowboarding in Straja during winter, and showed us this amazing road in Straja. At the time it was covered in snow partially but after an inspection and a bit of research we knew the road would be any downhill-freeriders delight to shred some wheels on it.

Once the snow has melted we tested it and couldn’t be more excited about the road. The track is wide and has twelve hairpins, literally all types of curbs and speeds of over 90km/h. After a short while we realised the road has a gondola connection at the top and the bottom of the track. We started seeing the potential and we have realised the event system and capacity would be too big only for the small community of romanian shredders to enjoy it so then we thought that every skater needs to take advantage of this opportunity to have unlimited runs thanks to gondola and to skate this 6km long road which is a piece of paradise for downhill and freeride. We have exposed it to the european longboard community and it received a huge amount of interest. The name comes from its unique location in the Carpathian Mountains in the region of Transylvania.

In the first year (2016), 80+ riders from over 14 countries came to Romania to join the event. In the second year Transylvania Downhill - Straja had 240 riders from over 24 countries and since, the track became many riders favourite hill and one of the most popular events in the world.


It all starts at the beginning of 2016, while doing early preparations for TD 2k16, Mihai Ormenisan is discovering, out of pure curiosity, on the other side of the mountain, a hidden ski resort, Pasul Valcan.

The road leading to the top of the mountain is one of the most steepest and craziest tracks we have ever seen and skated. Provided with a perfect gondola connection, it turned into our second event, Transylvania Freeride 2k17, with the most convenient uplifts system in a different location and a totally new track. A little bit over 30 riders presented at the event but it formed a diverse and close knit of skaters from over 9 countries, having the mountain, road and gondola just for us was a bit more than just fun, we became like a family in no time and enjoyed the little skate heaven to the maximum. The total 4 km of the road has very smooth asphalt and speed sections over 100km/h. In 2018 Pasul Vulcan road will host the opening of the IDF World Qualification Series in Europe, in between 6th and 8th of July, for more info about the event and registration check the EVENTS section.

This is what skateboarding is about and we are grateful for the privilege to have such amazing and unique roads and conditions for downhill and freeride. We believe everybody should skate Transylvania Downhill and take advantage of the perks of these events, it’s the best way to enjoy freeride or downhill skateboarding at its best and help develop the sport in the right way.