Welcome to Transylvania Downhill

The mountain made for downhill and freeride and perfect for longboarding events in the heart of Transylvania region, Romania.

You can have a great experience at our two events, each one providing unique features, but both being held on the steepest and craziest track in the world. You can enjoy the ”monster track” either by racing it (up to 120 km/h) during the Transylvania Downhill Pasul Vulcan IDF World Cup or by chill freeriding the whole 4 kilometers of it at Transylvania Freeride Pasul Vulcan. Or maybe… Why not??... Both!

Story: It all started at the beginning of 2016, when, while doing early preparations for TD Straja 2k16, Mihai Ormenișan, the organizer of the event discovered, out of pure curiosity, on the other side of the mountain, a hidden ski resort, Pasul Vâlcan. The road leading to the top of the mountain was one of the steepest and craziest tracks he has ever skated, or even seen.

The 4 kilometers of very smooth asphalt and speed sections over 120km/h draw the attention of International Downhill Federation, whereas, in 2018 Pasul Vulcan road hosted the opening of the IDF World Qualification Series in Europe with more than 120 riders from all over the world, between 6th and 8th of July.

As skaters, we organise events for profesional skaters, focusing on details of safety, comfort, affordability and obviously skating as much as possible. Transylvania Downhill experience is nothing more than enjoying skateboarding at it’s best, simply as that.

Our events have everything you can ever want: endless runs, a very nice camping and 50 m away from it there’s the gondola, which takes you above the clouds (from where you can see the amazing views and the cities of Vulcan, Lupeni and Petrosani) and leaves you 50 away from the start line of one the gnarliest and scarriest track (according to riders who raced on it at Transylvania Downhill IDF WQS 2k18). This track will challenge your skills for sure!

This is what skateboarding is about and we are grateful to have such amazing and unique roads and conditions for downhill and freeride.

We believe everybody should skate at Transylvania Downhill Pasul Vulcan and take advantage of the perks of these events!

FEATURES: Wall-ride ramps • Mini ramp • Fun Zone • Soundsystem • Live DJ’s • Camping Accomodation • Gondola • IDF • Party • Race & Freeride • All You Can Skate